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             木 村 尚 樹 
         NAOKI  KIMURA
         fine photographic arts
           since 1987

Record and the moment

Memento mori

Record and the moment

In the sense that recordability is an element, a photograph "always" invites a mental image to a path.
To a greater or lesser extent, it gives the impression of "death," which means the end of existence, whether manifest or latent.
The principle of the inevitability of the demise of something tangible reminds us of the momentary illusion of recording, with its melancholy.
Photography gives a kind of eternity to the ephemeral, but with that moment, it makes to turn "Moment" into a verb.
The ephemerality of photography can be said to be a muddle of memories that may be synonymous with nostalgia.

木 村 尚 樹

fine art photography

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